Overview of Services


Michael Rainey provides Mediation services to resolve disputes as a neutral third party.  This enables parties to avoid the spiraling costs and time of a lawsuit, and to retain control of the final outcome of their dispute.

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Michael provides Arbitration services, conducted either individually or as part of a panel of Arbitrators.  Decisions made in Arbitration are final and binding, avoiding the on-going legal battles and transaction expenses that arise from the litigation process.  Most commonly used to resolve commercial disputes, Arbitration enables parties to save significant costs and time versus litigation, and maintain confidentiality as it is a private process with no public record of the proceedings.

For more information about the Arbitration process and its benefits, click here.

Seminars & Training

Michael does Consulting for entities establishing an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) program, and offers Seminars and Training Programs on Negotiation, Settlement Practices, and Conflict Management.  These programs are particularly valuable for:

  • Law firms that wish to better understand and utilize ADR in their practice, either internally or outsourced.
  • Companies that wish to substantially improve the negotiation skills of personnel that handle high-stakes financial transactions.
  • Insurance companies to ensure compliance with regulations on claims settlement practices and to improve processes for resolving claim disputes.
  • Organizations in which internal conflict is significantly affecting overall productivity or morale.

Speaking Engagements

Michael is available for speaking engagements that deliver valuable takeaway for participants.  Popular topics on which he speaks include Negotiation, Mediation, and Arbitration, in general or with regard to specific areas such as Business Issues, Real Estate, Product Liability, Personal Injury, Construction, and Aviation.

Audiences span from inside the ADR and legal communities to the community at large, ranging from association or company meetings to major worldwide events.  Some examples of Michael’s engagements include:

  • Developed a key presentation for the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting, involving prominent political and business leaders, regarding the relationship of metabolism to dispute resolution.
  • Speaker at Pepperdine University’s Academic Forum on the subjects of Product Liability and Military Law.
  • Teacher at Pepperdine since 1996.
  • Speaker on Arbitration to several Real Estate offices.
  • Speaker on ADR to various Bar Associations.

Expert Witness Representation

Michael has been called on to render an expert opinion in legal malpractice litigation as to the standard of practice in Real Estate and Personal Injury litigation, and is available to provide expert witness testimonial regarding other select matters.