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Instrumental Cases in Mediation

Foxgate v. Superior Court – Download PDF
Olam v. Congress Mortgage Company – Download PDF
Rinaker v. Superior Court – Download PDF
Rojas v. Superior Court – Download PDF

Articles about Negotiations, Ethics and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Toward Candor after Medical Error:  The First Apology Law – Download PDF
Looking for the Lie – Download PDF
Naive Realism:  Implications for Social Conflict and Misunderstanding – Download PDF
A Causerie on Lawyers’ Ethics in Negotiation – Download PDF
Swindlers, Dealmakers and Mediators: A Brief History of Ethics in Negotiation – Download PDF
The Ethics of Lying in Negotiations – Download PDF
Advising Clients to Apologize – Download PDF
Apology and Organizations:  Exploring an Example from Medical Practice – Download PDF
Is Justice Served – Download PDF

Helpful Sites for Legal Research (the next several sections)

United States Law Sites

U.S. Constitution
Federal Laws
U.S Supreme Court
U.S. Supreme Court Cases
U.S. Supreme Court Cases
U.S. Code
U.S. Law Revision Counsel
U.S. Congress Research

California Law Sites

California Constitution
California Codes
LA Superior Court
California Courts
California Bills

Legal Tools and References

Federal Government
Indiana Law Library
General Legal Forms


Uniform Commercial Code
California Commercial Code
Negotiable Instruments
Commercial Law General Information
Debtor & Creditor
Sales Law
Consumer Law


Complete Text
U.S. Supreme Court


Uniform Commercial Code
California Commercial Code
Contracts General Information
California Definition
Obligations of a Contract
Parties to a Contract

Lawful Interest
Define Consideration
Define General Damages
Punitive Damages

Criminal Law

Criminal Law Overview
DUI Overview
DUI Drivers Guide
DUI Lawyers Guide
DUI Research Guide
DUI Check Point FAQ
DUI Arresting Officer
DUI License Suspension
DUI L.A. Arrest Guide
DUI Evidence Guide
DUI Testing Errors
DUI Blood/Alcohol Calculator


Social Security Administration
California Labor Code
Employment Law Forum


Evidence Overview
Federal Rules of Evidence
California Evidence Code
Forensic Evidence
Forensics and Crime Scene Investigation

Family Law

California Family Code
Child Support General Information
Custody General Information
Adoption General Information

International Law

Foreign Law General Information

Military Law

Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces

Personal Injury

Tort Law General Information
Insurance Law General Information
Workers Compensation


Civil Procedure General Information
Federal Civil Procedure
Calif Civil Procedure

Public Records

Public Records Search

Real Property

Real Property Law
Real Estate Transactions
Environmental Law

Landlord Tenant Definitions
Landlord Tenant Law
Secured Transactions

Research & Writing

Legal Research General Information
Legal Writing General Information
Legal Dictionary
Shrunk on Style
On Line Grammar


U.S. Tax Code on Line
I.R.S. Forms
I.R.S. for Business
Applicable Fed Rates

Wills & Probate

Uniform Probate Act
Calif Probate Codes

Miscellaneous Resources

Bank Rates
Zip Codes
Kelly Blue Book
Rodney Dangerfield
How Stuff Works
Bartlett’s Quotes
Literature on Line
Languages of the World
Tree of Life Project