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The Effects of the Closure of Los Angeles Superior Court’s ADR

July 2013

After more than 20 years of service, Los Angeles Superior Court officials eliminated its Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) program as part of budget cuts that also resulted in the loss of 500 total jobs. The ADR program was the largest of its kind in the United States and had served as arole model for other programs.

Thousands of cases were resolved without ever going to court because of ADR, according to Mary Hearn, a spokeswoman for Los Angeles… >> learn more.

Michael Rainey Press Releases

Michael Rainey Press Release July 23, 2013

Michael Rainey Press Release August 8, 2013

Can Mediators Truly be Neutral

August 2013 Blog

One of the tenets of mediation is that the mediator should be neutral.  The mediator is there to facilitate a settlement that will keep the adversaries out of court and makes no judgment based on what he or she hears.   Mediation is used in almost all kinds of civil cases including but not limited to, child custody, real estate and personal injury.

In the age of the Internet, mediators and attorneys have established a presence online.  Just… >> learn more.

Does a Mediator “Settle” the Case?

September 2013 Blog

Some courtroom attorneys live for the victory.  You often hear them discuss their latest win or less often, you may hear them lament over a defeat.  If you hang around a courthouse, you may hear a mediator say, “I settled the case today.”  This statement may baffle some who know that mediators are supposed to be neutral third parties who lead the parties into settlement.  But how much power does a mediator have during a negotiation?  Can… >> learn more.